Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jeez Louise!!!

I don't know about all this blogging stuff, I don't know how in the world anyone has the time to read all of these!!! But on the off chance that they do, i am creating one. I mainly am doing it to promote my websites (doesn't everyone?) but who knows where it will go.
Anyway, I am a glassblower in Wilmington, NC and I own my own studio and Store. I teach glassblowing at both the furnace and the torch (known as lampworking). Business is down (as is everyone's) so I am trying everything to bring more traffic!!!!
I have a web page that you can go and see some pictures of the studio and
and an etsy

Please come look at my stuff!!!


I'll be back!!!


  1. Hey there RDG!!! I'm so glad to see you got a blogspot! :) Hope you find a niche, and hove tons of fun with your posts!

  2. Hello!! You will love the blogging world and your right - no way to read them all!!
    I'll be back soon.

  3. Now if I could figure out how to get MY slideshow to show up, I'd be doing good!!!