Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Etsy, Artfire, but Mainly Handmade!!

I have been going back and forth between Etsy and Artfire lately. I've had a lot of views, but sales have sloweeeeeeedddd down. I don't have anything to benchmark against since I just opened my store, but it still feels slow. Anyway, I have found some wonderful artist on both of these sites and I wonder why anyone would want to buy from China anymore!!! Is it because there is too much choice when you are buying handmade? I know I have a problem deciding which one to buy from. Its funny though when I am looking at handmade stuff, price doesn't even figure into the mix. Usually artists sell so cheap anyway!!! If you were able to buy half this stuff in the store you would pay twice the amount and still feel like you were getting a deal!!
Anyway,,,,I guess my rant is over for now!!
by the way, I was featured on a blog yesterday, check it out!!! there is some wonderful maille in her etsy store as well!!
I was also featured on this treasury!! Please go and click on all the pictures so it will get to the first page!!!

thanks for reading and don't forget to vote in the poll!!!!!


  1. I think don't worry too much, I've heard a lot of people talking about slow sales. We just have to remember to do it b/c we love it. I think with all the sales talk, and visitor tracking programs, and who's who's of this-and-that, it's easy to lose focus of just doing what you love. :)

  2. Slow sale... lol no sale for me since I added the items on February 1st... I think everything is slow this month maybe hot at the end of the month... Good luck...

  3. Its not the sales so much for me as it is the ignorance (my opinion) of shoppers. It just gets real frustrating. but I am over it now. Thanks for the comments....