Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yeah, Daylight savings time is coming!!!

Boy i can't wait. i hate it getting dark at 6 o'clock!!! I will actually be able to leave the studio in the daylight again!!!
I have been busy with getting some new things going on my Etsy. They aren't up there yet but one of them will be in the next day or so. I have entered into the t-shirt business. Actually its more my husband and son, I just do the work. My husband has this incredible sense of humor and having been raised in the south has some wonderful sayings that are so deserving of T-shirts. So we started printing this week. I will post again as soon as I get them up on Etsy!!!

I am also getting ready for our first Exclusive Home Trunk Show!!! We have one booked for the 17th and one for the 28th of March! We are expecting over 20 people at our first one!!! Please wish us luck

I just found this cool website, and I am sure everyone in the world knew about it but me! This is where people anomyously (?) do a sneak buying attack all at the same time on a new or struggling store!!! How cool is that, what fun!! Go check out the sneak attack badge on the blog and join!! What a difference it could make in someones life!!! I'm There!!!

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  1. Wow, RDG, you sure are coming along!! Sneak attacks and all !! LOVE your slide show!!