Saturday, May 9, 2009

I finally made it to the Front Page!!!!

Well, it only took me 5 months but I was finally on the front page last night. Granted it was at 2:00 am but at least the folks on the West Coast got to see my red roses!!

It was indeed a great treasury and I am so thankful that I was included. I didn't see any immediate sales from it but who knows, its a start.

You know the making of glass items is hard enough, but trying to get people to buy them is even harder. There is so much that I want to make and each time I go to the furnace, I know what I want to make but I know in this hard economy, few people have the money to spend on what I want to make. I love to make the larger vases and bowls, but then they end up sitting on the shelves. Even with me pricing them to where I am barely covering costs. Its just a good thing I love what I do!!!

When I make the larger items, I usually lose two or three before I get one I really like and thats a lot of money to throw away. I don't think people realize how hard it is to make one of these pieces. At least for me anyway. Since I have an observation area in my studio that people can watch the glass being made, there are times that they will watch a piece go from the beginning to the end only to see the bottom crack when I knock it off the pipe or it fall on the floor from the punty getting too cool. That's when they realize, no matter how easy it may look at the time, that its a dance of time, gravity and luck sometimes.